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Maury County Public Schools: Pre-Kindergarten Application 2020-2021

Pre-Kindergarten Information Page for Pre-Kindergarten Registration

1) Your child must be four years old on or before August 15, 2020.

2) Application does not guarantee your child's place in the program. You are applying for a preschool spot in one of our 12 classrooms. Children will be screened for eligibility. You will be notified of your child's eligibility status near the end of May.

3) Upon applying, you will be asked to sign up for a screening appointment for your child. 

4) Forms for free and reduced lunch will be available July 15 at the Central Office online at via the Parent link or provided at the beginning of school. Forms qualifying for Pre-K DO NOT constitute enrollment in the Free/Reduced lunch program. 

5) There will be no cost to attend the pre-kindergarten program. 

6) No transportation is provided for pre-kindergarten students. Parents MUST bring and pick up their child or arrange other transportation.

7) Parents will be required to be involved with parent activities at the school (workshops, parent conferences, etc).

8) Attendance is critical in pre-kindergarten. Excessive unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the program. 

9) If your child is accepted to the Pre-K Program, and you have not already presented these forms, be ready to provide:

  • Record of Birth or other evidence of age requirement
  • Immunization record and current physical (scheduled immunizations will be accepted if not up to date)
  • Social Security card if available
  • 3 Proofs of Residence

10) If you have an questions, please call.

11) Thank you for your application.

Application to Determine Income Eligibility for the Voluntary Pre-K Program

Completion of this form DOES NOT qualify your child for the Free or Reduced Meal Program. Submission of this application is not a guarantee of acceptance in the VPK program.

Part A - Family Information

Please information for all other household members

Section 1 - Name(s) of ALL OTHER CHILDREN in the Household

Section 2 - Name(s) of ALL OTHER ADULTS in the Household

Part B - Program Participation

Use the field below to check if Child/Family/Household member provides documentation of participation, in one or more of the following programs, currently or during the past school year (*Documentation required - See Part D).

List of Allowed file types

*If submitting proof of qualifying for any of the previous programs, you do NOT need to complete Part C.

Part D - Income Verification

List of Allowed file types

I certify that they above information on this application is correct. I further understand that any falsification of information concerning income, residence, birth certificate and/or completion of this application and other forms may be reason for dismissal from Tennessee's Voluntary Pre-K Program.

Signature of Applicant:

Pre-application for pre-kindergarten does not guarantee that your child will be placed in the program, but that your child will be screened.

List of Allowed file types

List of Allowed file types

List of Allowed file types

List of Allowed file types

List of Allowed file types